||Headless Monsters||

A song is yet to be written,
A song of no words,
A song not to be sung
But to be possessed
A song about its own,
A song without purpose,
A world is yet to be born,
A world without life,
A world full of songs,
A world full of empty roads-
Millon miles long.


।।Daffodils & The guns।।

​Can anyone tell me if the war is over?
Ive been sleeping for decades,

I missed the burning houses,

I missed the dead couples,

I missed black rivers, red tunnels,

I missed it all

Can you please tell me,

I ve been tired of sleeping this much,

but ill go back to sleep again,

tell me the wind still smells of burnt flesh and hope,

tell me humanity is still blind and doped,

I wont be surprised, I wont be at all,

The flowers next to my bed died a long ago,

I didn’t even noticed,

they are all gone after all,

They killed all of them,

just a collateral damage,

doesn’t matter,

Do the sun goes up now,

or hes still waiting for us to return!!

Somewhere, where humanity is more than just chaos and consumption,

Where hope can supress the sound of a bomb blast,

where the heat of a smile can melt a gun away,

Where humanity would have been destined to stay,

or it may be some another earth,

some another day.

Can anyone tell me if the war s over!?

I am tired of sleeping!!


Someone already reached
Do you remember the hill we used to talk about,

That we used to dream of going,

Places we used to dream of visiting together!

Times passed like the day fall in the shadow of night.

Like we grew up….

Do you know that I am still alive,

do you know I still love you!

So you know I still visit your grave!

Do you know I’m still proud and brave.

No you don’t.

Because you are dead,

dead like you won’t come back,

you are dead like you never existed.

You are dead like,  I’m living in half,

You are dead, like our expired dreams

 dumped in eternity. 

Someone yet to reach


।। The Invisible Ladder।। 

Do you want to go up!?

Yes, I know you want to!

Each and everyone of us do. Some of us admit, some of us don’t. But deep down we all want to.

Where do you want to climb!?which station it is? Is it the moon? the mars!

Maybe you don’t know that yet.

We all are running, running upwards.

Progress is the new cliche,Cliche is the new sexy.

 What do you use to climb.

Its the ladder na!? Do you know what that’s made of? 

Is it gold? or money? or something unbreakable,or maybe nothing! On which step you are right now? 

I’m on 1080th, no wait 1076th,  shit! actually I forgot, It doesn’t even matter, the reach just gets away, the hunger just grows fast, and the ladder even faster.

people started living on it, they left home, ladder is the new home, it is the new home for you, for me.

What do you desire the most!?

To be desired!?  no don’t smile, We all do.

The path is the ladder right!?

yes ofcourse progress is unidirectional, we are taught to believe that. We all do believe that.

But the question remains, what is the ladder made of? can you see it, how long is it, where does it end!? 

This time don’t ask the person available next to you, ask youself.

It might ends somewhere inside your mind! 

Who knows!!!!